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Complimentary skills, broad marketing experience, attention to detail, client focussed and solution driven

Together we can make a web site that does exactly what you want it to and allows you to take full and easy control after development
services_icon_01No matter how simple or how complex we can find an affordable, bespoke and easily managed solution to your web site requirements

services_icon_02Not every site needs a database back-end but if you need e-commerce, or complex data filtering we can build  systems with easy front-end 'wizards' that make adding or altering data a snip

focused_copyWriting copy for web sites is a specialist skill. A focussed sales message  must work to optimise search engine results. This is our bread and butter and we do it very well.

boltWeb sites are infinite creations. More or less anything you want can be made. Some easily but some call for very specific technical skills. Our techie geek lives and breathes code.


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… a little about our skills and experience.

We are a small team of skilled and creative web experts available to you as a group or as individuals

The Woodbine Web Works team work together to resolve every area of our clients web site requirements. Not all projects need all three of us and this flexibility makes us price competitive.


Tony's background is as a Creative Director in direct marketing agencies. He has wealth of creative experience, good web design skills and a particular eye for pixel perfect detail but all delivered from a client-centric perspective. He believes that design is the process through which the marketing message is delivered and that only measurable results count.


Clare is an award winning copywriting with direct marketing skills in the Public Information and Mental Health sector, and both the consumer and trade arenas.  Identifying key messages and unique selling points is what sets her apart from other writers and delivering outstanding and effective work to meet your brief and deadline.


Paul understands more arcane computer technology acronyms, than most of us knew existed. He speaks JAVA, WordPress, Joomla, Magento, CSS, XML, , XML, XSLT, Webservices, WSDL,  PHP5, Perl, HTML, DHTML, XHTML, SQL, MySQL. But you knew all these already?  No me neither, but when it serious code you want: he is your man.

works ethic

… what we do and what we care about

A web designer, a copy writer and a web developer we have it covered...

Our core belief is that web design is not only about design. Or if it is then the word 'design' is a catchall for information architecture, relevant content, captivating copy, marketing, positioning, search engine presence, calls to action, ease of navigation, exemplary coding and technical standards and the ease of site updates for a client managed site. And design, because yes, 'pretty' matters and fonts and colours too.

Not all sites require all of our skills at once. But every client brief is considered by the whole team and the appropriate and relevant skills are brought to bear after, and only after, the site is 'scoped' - meaning we all agree on the purpose, intention and structure of the site and where we each fit in.

We specialise in producing sites that can be post-managed by the client using user friendly systems. Web sites are complex things. It is our job to create standards compliant, secure, robust and flexible sites where the client never needs to look under the 'bonnet' but can change just about anything that is necessary with only a small amount of technical skill.

about_us We enjoy what we do and aim to be very good at it. Between us we have the skill set to produce just about any kind of web site required. From a simple business that needs not much more than an online brochure through to an e-commerce site. Additionally we can design bespoke database solutions for presenting complex information. We know the value of good copy not only as an aid to generating sales or leads but as an necessary component of feeding the demands of a constantly changing search engine algorithm. And finally we need to be at the top of our game when it comes to good code writing and ensuring sites are safe, protected and work across all browsers and devices.

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… some of our recent projects.

We work with  a wide range of clients and are comfortable working within any sector

We like to think our works speaks for itself. But of course you can speak to us if you have questions. Every solution is individually tailored to meet firmly grasped requirements
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